Thai Hom Mali Rice: The World’s One and Only

Thai Hom Mali Rice Certification Mark is a quality mark of Thailand’s Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce. It is registered with the Intellectual Property Department, to show that this rice variety originated from Thailand and its quality meets the relevant standards defined by the Ministry of Commerce. Operators who meet the qualification required and allowed to use this certification mark are manufacturers, millers, distributors and exporters. This certification mark is issued for a period of three years.


Thai Hom Mali Rice is high-quality rice, which can be grown only once a year and only in same areas of the North and the Northeast with suitable terrain and climatic conditions. Its long, slender grain is stark white like the jasmine flower, and its pervasive natural scent is reminiscent of pandanus. Authentic Thai Hom Mali Rice is one of a kind and grows only in Thailand. The Thai Hom Mali Rice label is stamped on its package sent to consumers all over the world.