Nutritional Value of Thai Rice

Thai rice, the world’s finest grain, is packed with varieties of nutrients, such as carbohydrate, protein, and vitamins, and its famous properties of therapeutic nutrition. These benefits are widely recognized by most Thais and Asians, who consume rice as staple food. Now, the trend of rice consumption is spreading to the whole world, together with the trend of healthy diet.


◆ Health Benefits from the Nutrients in the Grain ◆


                                  Carbohydrate                    Provides energy and warmth to the body.

                                  Protein                               Promotes body growth and tissue repair.

                                  Fiber                                   Help with digestion, prevents constipation.

                                  Vitamin B1, B2, B6          Helps prevent beriberi and canker sores, regenerates.

                                  Vitamin E                          Enriches the skin.

                                  Niacin                                 Helps regulate the nervous system and nourishes the skin.

                                  Iron                                     Helps prevent anemia and body deterioration.

                                  Calcium                              Helps strengthen bone mass, prevents osteoporosis.

                                  Phosphorus                       Helps prevent osteoporosis and rickets.

                                  Magnesium                       Helps with protein synthesis and regulates hormone regeneration.

                                  Potassium                         Helps control balance of liquids in the body and regulates heartbeats.

                                  Beta Carotene                  Nourishes skin and eyes.

                                  Lutein                                Helps with eyesight and visibility, prevents colon cancer.

                                  Zinc                                    Promotes the body growth.

                                  Copper                               Helps with red blood cell formation.

                                  Folate                                 Helps regulate the nervous system, nourishes skin, eyes, mouth, and liver.

                                  Polyphenols                      Stimulates the immune system, reduces risks of diabetes and high blood pressure.

                                  Gamma Oryzanol            Reduces clogging of blood vessels, and stress level, helps treat menopausal

                                  Antioxidants                     Helps slow down ageing reduces risks of heart disease and cancer.